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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WBM Features: Eskay

When is enough, enough? Mentally, physically, emotionally or otherwise only we can determine this. However determined not to succumb to his surroundings and prior setbacks, Buffalo, NY native, but now Atlanta, GA resident, turned to self expression through music to tell the world his story.

Get closer look at hip hop artist, Eskay. With some time to share with WBM, Eskay provides insight about himself and the music he creates.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Who is Eskay to the world?

Eskay is the representation of the inner-city , I speak for the people who have nothing , the ones society forget about ...I am Ghetto America's...Last Hope!!!

What type of music do you bring to the people?

The type of music I make most people would categorize it as Hip-Hop/Rap I believe my music is bigger then just any genre. My music is capable of making you laugh, cry, dance and at the end of a song I'm hoping it either put a smile on your face or you took something from it.

Where has music taken you from when you from the beginning to now?

Well when I first started out it was just a genuine love for Hip-Hop and music.
I still have the same love for music but now that my talent has grown, I'm involving myself in projects that will help the growth of my career and my movement.

Did you ever expect for your skills and your music in to reach the level it's at today?

Honestly I think every artist believes that. I mean if your not getting into this industry for the longevity why bother? I've always seen myself growing as an artist I just never thought it would be so soon. I still see areas in where I can grow and improve.

What is your overall inspiration?

The lifestyle and background I came from is inspiration enough, but mostly I'm inspired by friends and family. I also get inspired by undeniable talent. I love competition.

Where else besides ATL do you want to hear your music?

Well I'm originally from Buffalo, New York so that's the main place I would love to hear it, but truthfully I want my music to expand globally.

What type of crowd or genre do you say your music is for or that it appeals to the most?

I wouldn't limit myself to any particular crowd, I believe my music is for the listeners, the true lovers of hip-hop. Well true lovers of music in general. I feel like I can reach the kids in the ghetto as well as the kids in suburbia.

What can we expect from you in 2010 from Eskay?

Well You can Expect my Mixtape Ghetto America's...Last Hope Real Soon!!!!!!

Be on the lookout for my partner in crime Black Jade, her Mixtape coming late Summer early Autumn entitled The Writer's Session. As well as our record label Karnegie Entertainment we are a Movement inspired by true talent that's overlooked. We have a few shows lined up this summer so be prepared, be on the lookout catch us in a town near you doing a show or talking to the youth !!

Until then follow us on twitter @eskay1987 @blackjadeke

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