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Friday, June 11, 2010

WBM Features: Sean Fair

A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.
-Leopold Stokowski

Some say Sean Fair has a voice of an angel. Not only does Sean sing, but he also is a song writer. Influenced by music legends such as Prince, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson just to name a few, Sean Fair considers himself a true vocalist. Born and raised in Detroit, Sean starting singing at the age of 3. However, with a significant amount of experience under his belt, Sean Fair is now ready to take his place at center stage. With exceptional vocal ability and a charismatic personality to back it up he is destined to make a name for himself in the industry.

Take a minuite and get to know Sean Fair.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

So is Sean Fair short for something?

SF: Sean Aubrey Grant-Fairclough

Whats the difference between the real you and your stage persona?

SF: Well, I guess who I am on stage is "the real me." But there is something about being on stage that allows you to be fearless... It's me times 1000. If I'm Popeye then the stage is my Spinach. Lol

How long have you been in the game?

SF: I've been singing professionally since I was 17.

What's your greatest accomplishment so far in life?

SF: Loving myself, learning how to love myself, and what that really means. All the way from going to bed on time to eliminating the toxic people in my life.

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

SF: My interests change from time to time... But, I'm an avid music listener and movie goer. I have about 9000 songs on my ipod. I like outdoor stuff too... like rollerblading, bike riding, hiking, and I wanna learn to surf...

What's your ultimate goal in life?

SF: Well, I guess the answer to this question would probably change depending on where exactly you were in your life. Right now, I think ultimately I just wanna be surrounded by love, financially secure, and a successful artist for the rest of life. I want to be happy. I want God to be happy with me. I want the freedom to be and to live whatever way I choose.

What do you like most about being in the business?

SF: Singing, performing, writing, traveling, creating... probably ever part that isn't "business". Lol. Nothing beats doing what you love, even with all the cons.

What's the thought process behind your works?
...from personal experience?
...mere creativity?

SF: Most everything I've ever written/created has come from my own experience. I think it's more authentic that way. But when i'm creating, it's always important to me that you "feel" me, whether you can understand where I'm coming from or not. I want for the listener or viewer to be able to identify with the emotion and grab hold to that.

What inspires and motivates you?

SF: I'm inspired by everything! Music, movies, conversations, arguments, pain, pleasure, my dreams... it all brings inspiration. And in addition to my passion and my desire to constantly grow; to constantly be better - I'm motivated by other driven people. People who have somehow beaten the odds to succeed, or the innovators who are doing something refreshing, and the fearless.

How was life changed for you since being you started?

SF: That's the thing about pursuing something like music, everything changes, all the time. If it's one thing u can count on in this industry, it's change. I wouldn't exactly call a career in music "stable." But another thing about a career like this is... You don't choose it, it chooses you. If it weren't for the love of this. The burning desire that never dies... I would have walked away years ago...

What would you be doing now, if you never started doing music?

SF: I'd be dead. Lol. There is nothing else. That's my most honest answer. But maybe I'd be a chef, an actor, or some sort of public speaker... Who knows??? I just know that this is what I was created to do...

What are you listening to in your ipod these days?

SF: I just got Janelle Monae's new record. It's ridiculously amazing. Other than that, I'm into making playlists. Right now I've got a few songwriters (James Fauntleroy, Lonny Breaux Jr, APLUS) in rotation.

What has been your favorite job you've done so far?

SF: Working at the Motown Museum has changed my life. It's given my such a appreciation for my hometown and the concept of melody.

What are you currently working on?

SF: I'm really working hard at finishing my EP. It will be between 3 and 6 songs. I'm looking at having it out by the end of the summer.

Does any negativity from the media ever affect you in anyway?

SF: Am I affected? Of course. I'm human. But I understand that for some, it's just there job. For others, it just may be hate or jealousy. And I also know that everything isn't for everybody.... What I'm trying to say is, because I don't who you are, what you're made of, or if your opinion is even valid, it's not hard for me to keep it moving. I'm still new though. The beginning has barely begun.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their dreams?

SF: Find out who you are and what makes you special. That will often be tested, so you have to be strong and confident in what you know. In my journey I've realized that every person who has believed in me the most, helped me the most. And most of those people, I've known the longest. So when reaching out, you probably don't have to look that far. Look to those already in your corner. Never give up.

What do you want to be remembered by?

SF: A respected man, a good person, a great artist, and a person who made his own rules. One day... if they called me an icon or a legend... that would be awesome too. But we can dream right? Lol. Somebody told me dreams come true...

Anything else you would like the world to know about you?

SF: Naw. I talk too much. Lol. I'm not going anywhere. You'll come to know me in


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