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Monday, June 7, 2010

Hardships of a One-Way Love......What do we do????

In my many years of living I have learned that love doesn't always run both ways. The old lovers of the 40s and 50s have came and went between the wars and the speakeasies, but in all actuality do you just settle for any old one-way love?
I have been in relationships which I thought I was in a dope-sick love combination between two people (boy was i wrong!!), but overall I have realized that sometimes people (women especially) become blinded by the sex, the charm, and the expectation that one day their prince charming may come around. When we think about love, we giggle over candy, roses, and jewelry... right?of course!!!, but is that love? giving gifts buttered up with some charm enough?... what its all about? How can it be when in the end your cooking, cleaning, taking the kids to and from school, washing his underwear, supporting his career, and not bothering him when he's watching the game.

Despite all that faux house wife shit, you deal with the feeling of loneliness and solitude as he just enjoys sitting on the couch, drinking a beer, and yelling at the television screen. Is that love?
What if the relationship is completely different from the step-ford wife "dream." What if it was completely open love; sexing and charming whomever you like, but still came home to a man who was just as open with his goodies as you are, is it still love? How can you call it love when you hardly ever are in each others company? Majority of your time is spent screwing someone else. Ive been in an open relationship and all I can say is "one-way" is too kind of a word for that ordeal.
When I talk about one way love, I am referring to the passion, and the ravage heat between two lovers. Being friends as well as lovers. Hollywood gives us a good description of a damsel in distress who finds her man who doesn't love her as much as she loves him, but when she gives up on him, he comes running. Which is clearly not the case in reality, but what I do find to be real is....if a man doesn't love you as much as you love him and you get fed up and leave, majority of the time..he's not coming back..WHY??...because it was never love in the first place. It was a one-way street honey. So how do we do this?..How do we make sure the next love we fall into is genuine and mutual?...what are your thoughts on the whole angle ladies?....


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