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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Super Mario

"Break Up" the first single off of Mario's album DNA was one of the biggest hits of the summer. However, unlike most albums every song is either as good or even better then "Break Up." DNA brings the emotion, the drama and the passion from the ever maturing Mario from the material to his voice. Mario is here to stay and DNA will cement him a place in Music history.

Mario whose biggest hit to date is "Let Me Love You," has totally grown up and so did his sound. If nothing else DNA will convince you that he has the best voice with the best material for a guy singing R&B these days. He has mellow r&b jams like "Stranded" and "Ooh Baby." He caters to his audience, something for the ladies something for the fellas, and a few that you can here in the club. Another radio favorite can easily be the Big Sean-featuring "Before She Said Hi." Mario properly offers up one of his best vocal displays & unique-sounding tracks ever to close off the album with "The Hardest Moment."

Mario is an excellent songwriter with a stellar voice and DNA is the proof. This album can be listened to in its entirety without skipping a track. DNA finds Mario expanding as a musician, and evolving into one of the greats.


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