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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Striving For Excellence

Calculated yet unpredictable; this is the formula for success that has lead to many of the accomplishments of brilliant singer/songwriter Torica. She's been behind the scenes for a while, however, now waiting for the right time to come into the spot light.

Truth be told, Torica has worked with some of the heavyweights in the industry and has gained the respect of her peers. Yet, she has much more to offer then just her creative talent. She's business savvy and still has time to be a mother. She balances her life accordingly and so far has been very successful.

Take a minute to see what life is like in her shoes. Here’s some insight into one of the industry’s best from the best herself.

[As Told To Why Blue Matters]

Torica is my birth name. The difference between me and my stage persona is that I'm a calculated, strategist in real life and on stage I'm more unpredictable and uninhibited, I get to tap into the more over-the-top version of me.

I've been in the music business since 2002.

My greatest accomplishment so far is being a mother to my 5 year old son.
My ultimate goal in life is to be successful as a business owner, renowned as a songwriter, remarkable as a parent, dynamic as a singer/performer, and the best human I can be!

The best part about the music business is knowing and seeing something you created take on a life of its own and how my work inspires others. I also love that I get to work with people I admire and since I love music, it doesn't feel like work.

There is no exact method when I approach a song...the track will inspire an emotion and ill come up with a melody and write lyrics based on what melody sounds like. Sometimes ill write based on inspiration from a personal experience. I may create music based on situations I know of my friends or family are going through. I could watch a movie, tv show, commercial, or see a billboard that inspires me.

My life has drastically changed in several ways since starting in the business, its gone from somewhat routine to spur-of-the-moment exciting. I never know when I have to fly out to go work with someone or what's going to happen after I turn in a song. My life has become a lot more busy with travel, sessions, performances, show tapings, event hosting, and being recognized by industry professionals who are well known and have had far greater success in this business than me.

I currently have a publishing deal with Warner Chappell and Bryan-Michael Cox. People may know me from the "Sick of Being Lonely" single for Field Mob. Since then I've worked with Polow da Don, Jazzy Pha, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy, The Clutch, Gucci Mane, Fat Boi Beats, The Stereotypes, Tony Draper, Monica, Rich Girl, T-Boz, JD, and countless others.

If i wasnt in the business i'd probably be a fashion stylist, brand manager, buyer for a major retail chain, or entertainment journalist.

Currently I'm listening to Ryan Leslie, Chrisette Michele, Jasmine Sullivan, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Brandy, Cheri Dennis, and Young Jeezy.
My favorite jobs in the industry that i've done music and Event Design.

I just wish that the media didn't dissect every inch of each celebrity or person in the spotlight. Its as if noone can be imperfect...human. There should be a boundary to prevent the overinvasion of privacy. I haven't reached a point where its affected me personally, but I can identify with celebs in the spotlight in terms of the pressure to appear as perfect as possible since everything you do is up for harsh crticism.

Anyone pursuing a dream should be mentally prepared to take rejection and be misunderstood without giving up what you believe in. You have to be strong and be able to withstand scrutiny, pressure, and negativity. You may lose people you thought were your friends, but its worth the sacrifice if you can one day wake up doing what you LOVE everyday. That's the advice I wish someone had given me in the beginning of my pursuit.

I want to be remembered as a hardworker and an inspiration to others, young and old and an all-around good person.

I want the world to know that I am goofy and can impersonate several well-known celebs. I want to one day be a voiceover actress.


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