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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WBM Inspirational Organizations:Social Media for Kids

Social Media for kids was founded by Garnett Alcindor and targets middle school kids in schools across NYC ;essentially educating parents and students on social networking and it's benefits. Garnett and her team has since gained recognition from politicians,community leaders,and local newspapers. WBM had a chance to sit down with Garnett to learn more about the organization,future plans,and everything in between!

What exactly is Social Media for Kids?

GA: Social Media For Kids is a program designed to educate children on the use of the web. How to actually use the tools with etiquette! We have landed in a few NYC Department of Education schools and start a day curriculum program on Feb 3rd at P.S. 237's Dr. Rose B. English school. We also have a parents work shop which teaches the parents about the internet, the sites their children frequently "surf" and how to block them from going to certain sites, etc.

WBM:Who came up with the concept and why?

GA: I came up with the concept after meeting with Principal Nadia Lopez of Mott Hall Bridges Academy. She explained the incident she went through with a group of middle school girls. A fight started over an aim conversation and Principal Lopez was injured while attempting to break the girls up. Originally, Principal Lopez wanted me to help PR the school but after the incident she decided teaching the children about branding themselves properly on the web was more important. Social Media For Kids was born!

WBM: Who has given you guys recognition?

GA: All of the merchants on Franklin Avenue, The Daily News, CNN has reached out to us, Council Member Leticia James, CBS just finished filming a story, Assembly Man Karim Camara, NYC Department of Education, Senator Sandra Cunningham of NJ and many others.

WBM: What is it that you want the participants to gain out of the experience?

GA: The wide audience one is able to reach or be found, the importance of this amazing tool, the dangers one can bring to his/herself, safety measures one should take, predators that surf the web, the "stain" on can leave on their brand/self, the realness of cyber bullying and having etiquette on the web.

WBM: How do you get the kids excited to work with the program?

GA: Kids are always excited when they see gadgets, computers, iPads, etc.! They are very much engaged with gadgets so teaching them on these tools make's it fun.

WBM: What is it that enjoy most about working with the organization?
GA: The fact that we (Casey Miller and Michael Fink- co founders) can make a change and have been doing so thus far.

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